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Crystal-types are, whilst not on the whole overly common, fascinating to most researchers of Pokémon. When they were first discovered, they were a mystery wrapped in an enigma, containing dualities within them that seemed clearly impossible - for how could an element be so perfectly arranged in the physical way that its greatest influence would be within the spiritual range? However, as time went by, we became able to answer at least a few of the questions on this fascinating type.

Crystals form a perfect balance - coherent purity of form to the point in which essence is even more greatly affected. The practical implication of which means that, even though their physical nature is perfectly arranged, they usually draw their strength in attack and defense from what became known as the special stats (Although physical Crystal-type moves do exist). Given their unique structure, Crystal-types are resistant to most mind and chi based attacks - even to the ancient, mystical spirit energies of Dragons. Ghost-types seem to be an exception for reasons unknown - it is assumed that their negative chi is capable of being channeled through them - not with ease, nor with difficulty.

What can be said about the nature of Crystal-type attacks, that cannot be said of crystals themselves? They can bend light, creating illusions, yet they can be like prisms - shattering the illusion of white light and showing the colors within. A duality of clarity and refraction - which seems to have a devastating effect on those who manipulate shadows, or seek to cloud the minds of others. It seems, however, to be much less effective when dealing with the less ambiguous and more earthy elements, such as Poison, Ground and Grass.

A diamond may cut through steel, yet hit a diamond with a steel hammer and it shall shatter into fragments. Another interesting duality which characterizes the Crystal-types' relationship with Steel-types. Also, Crystals are still mineral - and so, they are as equally vulnerable to Grass-types as common rocks are.

Elemental strengths and weaknesses

Weakness: Type steel.png Type grass.png
Resistance: Type dark.png Type psychic.png Type dragon.png
Super-Effective VS: Type dark.png Type psychic.png Type ghost.png Type steel.png
Not Very Effective VS: Type grass.png Type ground.png Type poison.png.

Crystal-type Pokémon

Ndex MS Pokémon Species Type
#016 Puprism Puprism Gem Sphere Type bug.png Type crystal.png
#017 Berylace Berylace Clear Wing Type bug.png Type crystal.png
#028 Antleridot Antleridot Stag Type normal.png Type crystal.png
#??? Syrene Syrene Light Type crystal.png
#??? Sylphene Sylphene Light Type crystal.png
#??? Wolfrost Wolfrost Winter Moon Type ice.png Type crystal.png
#??? Pangarnet Pangarnet Pangolin Type crystal.png
#??? Pangolance Pangolance Blade Claw Type crystal.png Type fighting.png
#??? Diamono Diamono Diamond Type water.png Type crystal.png
#??? Irisail Irisail Rainbow Fin Type water.png Type crystal.png
#??? Cry.Ele* Cry.Ele* Elemental Type crystal.png
#??? Wisprite Wisprite Deep Forest Type grass.png Type crystal.png
#??? Wispear Wispear Deep Forest Type grass.png Type crystal.png
#??? Wisteriark Wisteriark Deep Forest Type grass.png Type crystal.png
#??? Muntjamp Muntjamp Fang Deer Type crystal.png Type electric.png

Crystal-type Moves

Name Type Cat. PP Power Accuracy
Dazzle crystalType crystal.png specialClass special.png 30 40 100
Mirror Wind crystalType crystal.png specialClass special.png 20 60 --
Prism Wave crystalType crystal.png specialClass special.png 15 90 100
Starburst crystalType crystal.png specialClass special.png 5 110 100
Spectral Nova crystalType crystal.png specialClass special.png 10 150 100
Shard Rain crystalType crystal.png physicalClass physical.png 20 25 100
Crystal Rush crystalType crystal.png physicalClass physical.png 20 70 100
Crystal Edge crystalType crystal.png physicalClass physical.png 15 80 100
Light Cure crystalType crystal.png otherClass other.png 15 -- 100
Aura Cure crystalType crystal.png otherClass other.png 5 -- 90
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