List of Miato Region Abilities

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Featured is a list of all Pokémon abilities discovered in the Miato Region.

Ability Description
Ambush This Pokémon always strikes first.
Charge Field This Pokémon summons a Thunderstorm in battle.
Deep Thought Sharply reduces one of the opponent's stats when hit.
Drain Shock Draining moves make contact with the foe and may paralyze.
Dragonflight Powers up own-type moves if hit by a Ground-type move.
Feed Frenzy When this Pokémon lands a physical hit, its Attack may increase.
Firestorm Recovers some damage from Fire, Grass and Steel moves.
Forest Heart Recovers some damage from Grass, Water and Ground moves.
Grappler The more the opponent is exhausted, the more damage this Pokémon deals.
Grim Touch Drains 1/4 of damage inflicted as HP.
Heat Mirage Emits a fiery aura that distorts accuracy of Non-Fire-types.
High Tide Recovers some damage from Water, Fire and Ice moves.
Light Absorb This Pokémon gradually recovers HP in bright sunlight.
Mighty Shell Protects against sandstorms and halves the chances of secondary effects of foe's attacks.
Mirror Scale Status problems are reflected to the foe.
Prairie Wind This Pokémon summons a Sylvan Orb in battle.
Purity All status problems may be healed in combat.
Rainbow Mist Creates a haze negating stat changes on the battlefield.
Relentless Pursues escaping foes, dealing a parting shot.
Sovereign Increases damage inflicted by ally Pokémon.
Sword Master Boosts the power of blade moves.
Unleashed Absorbs own-type moves and lengthens the duration of Elemental Rage.
Waterproof This Pokémon is immune to Water-type moves.
Winter Coat Powers down super-effective moves. More effective under the effects of hail.
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