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Hello, and welcome to the Miato region! My name is Professor Erin Redwood - and around here, I am considered to be the leading researcher in the field of Pokémon.

What are these mysterious creatures, you ask?

Pokémon are creatures that have co-existed with humans in cooperation that has lasted for many an era around the world. Some people keep Pokémon as pets. Others test their skills and their Pokémon's skills on the field of battle.

However, just as Pokémon hold our fascination, they also hold many mysteries - and it seems like every one we solve brings forth even more, more difficult mysteries. That is why researchers like myself are constantly on the front line of discovery - in laboratories or out there, observing them in the wild. I am always up for both.

But enough about me... What can I do for you?

—Prof. Erin Redwood

Welcome to the official Project Miato Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the fanmade Miato region. Miato has been a project in development since the early 2000s and development is still ongoing. At present, this Wiki is still heavily under construction - DO watch out for plot holes!


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