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What exactly IS Project Miato?

Miato is a Pokémon fan-region that has been in development since the early 2000s, when generation 2 was still fairly new. Over the years, what began as a loose clump of scattered Pokémon species ideas and a few location concepts has evolved, absorbed other one-shot concepts and coalesced into one more-or-less coherent region - continuously developing and changing as more official material is added to the franchise it ties into.

Over the years, many world-building projects of mine have come and gone, most of which were abandoned or absorbed into newer concepts that remain in a state of flux. Miato, however, somehow managed to hold on and maintain a steady presence within my interests. And so, sometime in 2012 I've decided to arrange all the bits and pieces of information I've accumulated about the project into one organized place online - and thus was the Project Miato wiki born.

Bear in mind that there is still much to be done - bursts of activity followed by long lulls are to be expected in updates. Some of my concepts are still fairly nebulous while others take a while to get "just right". My end goal re: this wiki is to produce a resource containing all the body of information needed to make Miato coherent enough to write stories/RPs taking place in it - less so to produce a full blown game, although I do put in somewhat of an effort to keep my creatures balanced within an in-game perspective.


While first and foremost being my personal project, Miato has a number of consistent outside influences and contribution sources that have been consistent enough to warrant special mention.

  • Kess, whose many contributions to Miato in terms of creature design feedback, artistic assistance and great amounts of utterly gorgeous art (some of which even serves as official 'Dex art for a number of species) have made (and continue to make) this project kick a lot more ass than it probably could if it was just me working on it.
  • Katsu, who made a major contribution to Miato herself in the form of the design for Orrin, one of Miato's Elite Four, and some miscellaneous human character art - and that's without mentioning her general awesomeness as a whole!
  • A number of awesome people on Pokécharms past and present (including but not limited to KoL, LoN/Stark, Ruko, Tangrow and others) whose advice re: stat balancing has been invaluable to a non-metagamer like me.
  • Katie, RacieB, Baratron, Rain, Teapot and others who listened, served as a sounding board, occasionally tossed ideas my way and generally were (and continue to be) awesome people.
  • And of course, Game Freak, Nintendo and anyone else involved in official Pokémon business - without which any Pokémon fanwork, Miato included, would never have been possible.
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