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Two up-and-coming young Pokémon trainers starting their journey.

A journey through Miato, like all other regions of the Pokémon world, is one of many meetings - with both wild Pokémon and Pokémon trainers. Among the many people one is likely to meet, though, some stand out in particular. This page lists these important people and their importance to your quest.


Starting Trainers

  • Jade Town Trainers - Up-and-coming young trainers from Jade Town, about to begin their Pokémon journey across the region of Miato. The playable characters.
  • Lyn - The rival. Heir to a rich, demanding family, Lyn travels alone to escape their pressure. She is cold and aloof to other humans and generally speaks little, but she deeply cares for her Pokémon. She is highly intelligent and emphasizes strategy over strength.
  • Mint - An energetic, confident trainer who begins her journey on the same day as Lyn and the playable character. Anoleaf is her starter Pokémon of choice. You will encounter Mint if you chose Sunkyd.
  • Aidan - A brash, hot-blooded trainer who begins his journey on the same day as Lyn and the playable character. Sunkyd is his starter Pokémon of choice. You will encounter Aidan if you chose Jawsea.
  • Cyan - A mysterious, androgynous-looking trainer who begins their journey on the same day as Lyn and the playable character. Jawsea is their starter Pokémon of choice. You will encounter Cyan if you chose Anoleaf.


  • Professor Erin Redwood - Last of a long line of researchers who bear the Redwood family name, Professor Erin Redwood is relatively young for professor standards, but what she lacks in years, she makes up for with intelligence and skill. She spearheads the Global Pokémon Database Server project - a global collaboration of Pokémon researchers to produce a complete database of all known Pokémon species worldwide. She often engages in fieldwork outside her lab and is a skilled Pokémon trainer, believing that both in research and in Pokémon training one should always pursue new frontiers and avoid stagnation.
  • Nysa - A junior researcher apprenticing under Professor Redwood, she breeds and studies the Starter Pokémon of the Miato Region and distributes such to new trainers.
  • Delphine - A computer specialist, Delphine manages the central storage system for Pokémon in the Miato region. She is also the designer of its end-user interface, accessible via PCs region-wide. She is currently in process of developing a device that will allow team management on the go.
  • Professor Eva Amarante - A colleague of Professor Erin Redwood, a specialist on ancient civilizations and the leading authority on the Guardians. She presently resides in Galena Town with her husband.
  • Professor Piotr Amarante - Geneticist, paleobiologist and husband to Professor Eva Amarante. His current research involves fossil resurrection and reconstruction of incomplete fossil genomes.

Gym Leaders

  • Raven - Gym leader of Onyx City. Raven is a natural night owl with an affinity for Dark-types and her family holds certain knowledge on the Tiger's Eye Ridge that few others know...
  • Luna - Gym leader of Quartz City. Luna is all about the moon and the stars and is somewhat of a spiritual, philosophical New Age type. She may be a bit spaced out, so to speak, but her attunement with Pokémon linked to the Moon makes her a worthy opponent on the battlefield.
  • Erol - Gym leader of Lapis City. Erol believes in honesty and clarity above all else - shattering illusions and finding the truth concealed behind them. Thus, his affinity with the Crystal-type reflects his personality.
  • Ivy - Gym leader of Malachite City. Ivy has a strong affinity to nature and Grass-types in particular - which is reflected in her love for the great outdoors. She has a particular fondness to a certain Rainforest Island, which she modeled her gym after.
  • Kara - Gym leader of Amethyst City. A mountaineer and an archaeologist by training, Kara's elemental affinities lie with Pokémon of the earthy elements - Rock, Ground and Steel. Her gym is set within a natural system of labyrinthine caverns leading into Obsidian Ridge - where many such Pokémon may be found.
  • Melissa - Gym leader of Topaz City. A gentle soul, Melissa sees herself as more of a poet and an artist than a fighter - but she is no pushover. With her team of Eeveelutions spearheaded by her Colibreon, she battles with artistic grace and beauty.
  • Ken - Gym leader of Obsidian City. A former military helicopter pilot, Ken dedicated his life to the establishment of the Articuno Rescue Unit (named for the myth of the the legendary bird appearing to people lost in icy mountains), a search-and-rescue unit locating hikers lost in Obsidian Ridge and bringing them to safety. When he isn't flying missions for the Unit, he runs the Obsidian City gym.
  • Robyn - Gym leader of Sapphire City. Confident, Outgoing and thoroughly fond of all aspects of Pokémon battles, Robyn has a deep affinity with the Elemental Pokémon. To make her battles more interesting, she battles with a randomized team of Elementals - forcing her opponents to keep a diverse team and herself to think up strategies with what she gets.

The Miato Elite Four

  • Eleanor - Always calm and collected under pressure, Lady Eleanor Voltaire carries herself through life with poise and nobility. An wealthy aristocrat, she is nonetheless humble and not condescending. Her special affinity is with Electric-types.
  • Orrin - A man of few words, he wears an eye-patch as a keepsake of his mother who was lost at sea. His special affinity is with Water-types.
  • Natalie - Short, toned, sarcastic, impatient and utterly fearless, Natalie is essentially the Crocodile Hunter of Bug-types. There's not a Bug out there that's too big or vicious for her - but don't let that worry you. She knows what she's doing. mostly.
  • Acheron - An old, wise man with a sharp mind, sharp reflexes and more knowledge on poisons than should probably be good for anyone. An encounter with a poison-type has taken his eyesight at a relatively young age and he now sees the world with the help of his trusty Venoculus companion.
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